The November Trees

Lake Cliff planted with Reforestation Fund trees.

Based on my current confused and delirious state, I can tell we're now getting into the annual Fall tree planting season.  I've been lining up tree orders on procurement requests for three major park projects coming up in November, as well as putting together the pieces for our first neighborhood plantings.  As much as I enjoy the season of people gathering around to put trees in the ground, the paperwork is a rather mind-numbing venture. But, you know it's well worth it. During the last tree planting season of 2012-2013, we had our greatest planting numbers of nearly 1400 trees, since we began to reach out with the program.  By the end of the day today, we're at nearly 500 trees ordered just for our November rush.  We'll be on for planting trees through March.  Actually, I really need to put out a huge huzzah! for our city forester, Karen Woodard, who has taken on the real challenge of coordinating the park projects.  She's the heart and soul of these efforts.  When you see her during these events, give her a big thanks for her great efforts. 

Our season of planting is a result of tree mitigation payments into the Dallas Reforestation Fund. The fund was originally established back in 1994 when the City of Dallas created its new tree preservation ordinance.  Over the years it has seen continuing and growing interest from neighborhoods and organizations across the city for planting trees in parkways and other public property.  It has also served well to fund major park projects, much like the one happening on Saturday, November 2, at Friendship Park in North Dallas.

Our current schedule update is as follows:

November 2 - JFK Groves - 100 trees at Friendship Park (with Texas Trees Foundation).
November 9 - Trees Please - 150 trees at White Rock Lake near East Lawther.
November 9 - Stevens Park Neighborhood - our first neighborhood delivery for the season.
November 16 - DALLAS ARBOR DAY at Kiest Park with 150 trees.
November 16 - Wynnewood Heights Neighborhood - down the street from Kiest Park.
November 16 - Wynnewood Hills Neighborhood (tentative date).
November 22 - Elmwood Neighborhood (coordinated by the Texas Trees Foundation).
November 23 - M Streets neighborhoods

We may have another planting event or two thrown in there, but that is yet to be determined.  Then we take a break until December when we're expecting our first project associated with the Mowmentum Program at 10th and Oak Cliff Boulevard on December 7, and will be looking to line up several other neighborhoods.  Later, after the New Year, we'll continue with a few more neighborhoods and hopefully start up with the Dallas Mavericks' Trees For Threes plantings.  But there's even more which we can catch up on later.

This is much better than chasing bulldozers knocking over mature trees any day.

For more information:
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Dallas Reforestation Fund information (Dallas Reforestation Program)
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