2013-14 Dallas Reforestation Program

"So it begins." - Theoden, The Two Towers (LOTR)

Yes, the Autumn has crept upon us and the requests for trees are coming in.  It's the season when shovels will be hitting the dirt, mulch will be piling up (hopefully not in volcanoes) around newly planted trees, trucks with long beds will be hauling trees down neighborhood streets on early Saturday mornings, and scores of people will begin to enjoy the new trees on their neighborhood street.  The regeneration efforts for the Dallas urban forest will be renewed. The Reforestation Program is underway and our designated October 1 cutoff date for new orders is upon us.  

The Reforestation Fund is a program administered through the City of Dallas' Department of Sustainable Development and Construction, under direction of the the city arborists office, for the purchase of trees to be delivered and planted on public property across the city for urban forest regeneration. The Fund is added to each year by tree mitigation payments (mostly through land development) made for the removal of protected trees under the Article X landscape and tree preservation ordinance. Where trees are not planted back onto the removal property through required landscaping, the Fund is available to builders to address the remaining inches to be replaced. This Fund is used to purchase the trees through pre-determined vendors for this program.

Now, we get busy pulling together orders and checking to make sure we're not planting trees on gas lines or next to fire hydrants. Yes, it's true that we sometimes have to reject a request or two, but these are rare.  In the end, we'll have dozens of satisfied residents digging holes, planting trees and nurturing them for years to come.  The trees they plant will be the great shade trees that will help define the livability and character of that neighborhood for generations to come.  

Last year was a high-water mark for us as our vendors delivered over 1400 trees, purchased through the Fund, for the season between October 1 through the end of March.  These trees were delivered to parks, neighborhood streets, thoroughfare medians and schools. We expect more of the same with planting dates coming up as early as November 2 when the Texas Trees Foundation hosts a part of its JFK Groves planting event at Friendship Park in northeast Dallas. 

On November 9, we'll be delivering trees to the Big Thicket at White Rock Lake for a major planting event by Dallas Parks and For The Love Of The Lake, and also to the Stevens Park neighborhood in Oak Cliff.  The following week, on November 16, finds us with returning customers in the M Streets and in Wynnewood Heights near Highway 67 and Kiest.  We'll close out before the holiday on November 22 with another event with the Texas Trees Foundation and the Elmwood neighborhood.   In between, and for the winter months following, we'll have many more deliveries on the agenda.  We expect a busy season.

I'll have more information soon on all of our planting locations coming up. As always, the Dallas area Citizen Foresters will be coming out to lend a hand and help educate homeowners on how to properly prepare for and to install their new trees. I'd like to thank the Urban Forest Advisory Committee for its full support and leadership in reaching out to the communities and making them aware of the program. This program has also taken off with the great support and efforts of our excellent City Forester, Karen Woodard.  It wouldn't be the program it is without her.

Frodo wouldn't have gotten far without Sam.  - Frodo, The Two Towers (LOTR)

Me, on the right, in April at the end of the season.


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